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I have been involved with photography for many years.  When my father passed away, I realized we didn’t have a whole lot of photographs of him.  I spent the next 14 years making sure to take as many pictures of my mother as possible.  I still long for more pictures of my dad.  Because that opportunity passed me by, I’m making it available to you and your family for a very reasonable fee.  I will come to your location, indoor or outdoor, to document your memories of not only your senior members, but the whole family including your “furry children”.  You will have these keepsakes forever.


My Story

I don’t think of myself as old, but I have been taking pictures for a long time.  In my 20’s I took a special photograph for my mom and dad that had a beautiful yellow flower (I think it was a daisy), with a nice background fade.  I had it placed in a gorgeous, rough-hewn wooden frame.  They loved this picture and had it on their wall until they passed.  I have continued to take pictures of scenery and people for many years.  I continue to enjoy the process.  Please allow me to help you create special memories for your family.

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