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  • Jeff Bushman

More Than Just a Photograph

Clients and potential clients are always asking about and talking about "the pictures," and that's both okay and perfectly understandable. But there's something you should know about your wedding photos or family or individual portraits that we also do.

It's not really about the pictures.

I'm fully aware that such a statement sounds almost like blasphemy or some other sin, but if you think about it, it becomes clearer.

When you have a photo shoot, particularly at a one-time event like a wedding or quineñeras, it's much more important that your photographer enhances THE EXPERIENCE. You need someone with the technical skills to properly use a professional-grade digital camera and take excellent pictures. But frankly, most professional photographers can do or approximate that.

But not all professionals in any field can provide a great experience. I won't tell you how great we think we are at that. Some of the testimonials on our website speak to the question of the experience. But think about what that means. You want someone who won't be intrusive and anger your family or other guests.

I've heard stories - and maybe you have too - of male photographers who see the wedding job as an opportunity to meet and flirt with young women guests. Talk about creating a positive experience!

And that's just one example.

Your photographer should make people - including and especially a bride and groom and family or the quinceñera - feel comfortable and happy. Your photographer should be able to relate to all the guests at the event.

Whoever you choose to photograph your day should be able to take great photos and help you have a great experience. If they can't do both, the pictures, as the years go by will seem less and less enchanting.

Questions? Give us a shout.

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