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  • Jeff Bushman

Non-Traditional Works Too

As wedding trends evolve, so does the world of wedding photography. In this post, we explore the latest styles and techniques making waves in the industry. Whether you're drawn to timeless elegance or modern, candid shots, discover the trends that resonate with your unique love story. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your wedding album reflects the beauty and authenticity of your special day.

Some couples love the traditional and others prefer something that the more traditional couples might consider - to be blunt - looney or crazy. But you know what? It's YOUR wedding and you get to choose what kind of wedding you have and what kind of pictures you get.

One couple that was into skateboarding got married recently and their wedding was at a skateboard park. Some of their pictures were of them riding up and down the cement pathways. They weren't dressed in the formal wear we associate with traditional weddings, but they were in nice-looking clothes that were somewhat more formal than what they would usually wear to ride around on their boards. But no elbow or kneepads.

In the really old days of wedding photography the trend was to put the couple in the middle of the frame and have them look right into the camera and snap their pictures. If that's what you want, that's fine, but modernly, most of the time we follow what's called "the rule of the thirds," which involves putting either member of the couple or the couple together more oriented towards one side of the frame. And we also generally use "bokkeh" which involves fading the background to bring the subject (the person or couple) forward in the picture. Kind of like 3-D without the wonky glasses.

And, as the story about the skateboarders suggests, another trend is to make the wedding pictures about the couple and their lives outside of the "big day." So if everything about you and your loved one and families is more "straight-laced" and traditional, you should go with that and if you're more into the less customary, you should think about letting photographs of your wedding reflect that too.

If your photographer is good - technically and as a human being - you should be able to get what you want.

Questions? Email us or call and we'll be happy accommodate.

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